Church History



     Early in October, 1950, Rev Terry Carlisle of Calvary Baptist Church, Odessa, TX, held a revival meeting in a tent on the Andrews Highway, out of which grew what is now the Northside Baptist Church.

     The first Sunday School was held October 15, 1950 with 21 present.  This has grown to an enrollment of 359 in 2015.

     On November 26, 1950, with an attendance of 51, the Northside Baptist Church was organized in a barracks building at 50th and Golder streets.  Rev. Terry Carlisle was called as the first pastor. 

     The thirty-eight (38) charter members were:  Rev. Terry Carlisle, Mrs. W.L. Davis, Mrs. And Mrs. J.C. Gaskill, Sheila Landis, Jimmy Locke, Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Smiley, Mr. and Mrs. B.W Hunt, Bill Whatley, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Carrigan, George Ray Kirk, Troy Jean Headricks, Mrs. And Mrs. M.P. Morrison, Jo Fulkerson, Mrs. J.S. Stoddard, Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Barker, Carla Jean Gaskill, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Landis, Mr. and Mrs. Q.M. Locke, Judy Locke, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Fopay, Mrs Lee Drake, Glendon Whatley, Charles Carrigan, Larry James Headricks, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fulkerson, Hubert Fulkerson, Mrs. Naomi Littleton, and Everett Willis.

     The first pianist was Mrs. J.C. Gaskill.  The first song leader was Q.M Locke.  The first deacons were Q.M. Locke and Lloyd Fulkerson.

     The second pastor was Steve Philpot.  He was called as pastor in August 1952.  Under his leadership, the church built the first unit of its present building at 50th and Andrews Hwy.  Groundbreaking for the new building was November 16, 1952.

     The third pastor was W.I. Lee.  He was called as pastor in October 1953 and remained pastor until his death in October 1984.  The fourth was Glenn Harlin who came in June 1985 and retired in November 1999.

     The fifth pastor, Clydel Chapman was called in January 2000, having served previously as Minister of Music, Education, and Youth.  Brother Clydel continues to serve as pastor as of the 65th Anniversary Celebration. 

     Morris Greenwood was called in October 1958, as part-time music director.  He was followed by Tom Adams in 1962, and in June 1966, Clydel Chapman became the full-time Minister of Music and Youth Director.  In January 2001, Jeff Chapman became full-time Minister of Music and Youth.  And, in 2008, Jeff resigned to pastor in Andrews, TX.  Kenneth Spradley was the Interim Music Director from 2008-2018.  David and Linda Hill were called as Music Minister in June 2018.  In August 2011, the church called Gage Peterson as bi-vocational Youth Minister.

     Mary Laird Stull was hired as secretary in 1956, followed by Mrs. Mary McBride in 1959.  Mrs. Carolyn Howard in 1968, Mrs. Jeannie Lane in October 1980, Jeri Cobb (Huffman) in December 1981, Mrs. Pamela Cox in September 1986, and Paula Freeman 1998.  Paula continues to serve as Church Secretary.

     Northside has been rewarded with seeing several of its young people enter the ministry and church related vocations.  Among those entering the ministry are:  Bobby Walker and Jim Anders licensed 1953, Wade Lillie licensed 1973, Garry Lillie licensed 1974, Terrell D. Wright ordained in 1975, Glenn Farris licensed 1981, Clydel Chapman ordained in 1985, and Jeff Chapman ordained in 2006.